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Career Guidance and Counseling Section

  1. Indiridual&Group Counseltation、Psychological Testiry Serrice.
  2. Topical Counseling、Prevention of Pepression and Self-Harm Behariours、Life Education、Gender Equity Education.
  3. Implementation of 「Teaching、Discipline、Counseling」a 3m1 Pilot Program of Ministry of Education.
  4. Student Counseling Commitee.
  5. Transfer of Class Recommendations to Related Unit.
  6. Counselor meeting,Disipline and Counseling Conference.
  7. Class and Group Counseling ,Class Committee Training.
  8. Guidance for Disabled Students.
  9. Provide Career Information.
  10. Conduct Job Readiness Seminar、Conduct Campus Recruitment.
  11. Announcement of Employment Opportunities、Tracking of Job Matching.
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